frequent asked questions…


I learned my sewing from my mom, who has been a seamstress for her whole life. She 
also work as sample maker for a while when not tailoring/altering others' clothes. 
There is no doubt about her fine craftmanship among her clients. 

Learning from a master, I too strive to produce fine work and continue to experiment 
new way of making my products. Having the opportunity to work in the fabric and 
garment industry, it makes me to appreciate more about fabric and good craftmanship. 

E.square is born out of my love of fabric and wanting to bring the electronic gadgets 
that we carry daily into a softer look (using the right choice of fabric). These 
fabrics that I use here are the ones that we normally put on ourself, put on our bag, 
use for upholstery purpose, etc. If we were using these fabric to transpire our styles, 
we should not stop there when it comes to our gadgets. We are carrying our ipod, pda, 
notebook everyday, they should be as stylish as we are ...

                                                                    - Kristina T